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Setting Up Your Virtual Office

Today, we’re embarking on a delightful journey to set up the perfect virtual office. Whether you’re starting out or giving your space a much-needed revamp, this guide is your golden ticket. So, let’s turn that corner of your home into a productivity haven (without the need for magic wands or fairy dust!).

Welcome to Setting Up Your Virtual Office: Essentials for Every VA by Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant.

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk

Step 1: Choose Your Spot Wisely

First things first, pick your battleground! Whether it’s a quiet corner in your living room or a dedicated room, make sure it’s a spot where your creativity can bloom and your focus can soar. Remember, it’s about finding your own little Narnia where work feels like an adventure, not a chore.

“There are far better things ahead, than any we leave behind”

C.S. Lewis

Step 2: Comfort is Key – Get a Good Chair

Invest in a chair that loves your back more than you do. Your back will thank you, and your future self will be grateful. No one wants to feel like they’ve run a marathon after a day at the desk. Make sure your chair is adjustable, supportive and comfortable to sit in! Invest in a chair that offers lumber support and a high supportive back.

The SIHOO office chair (commission earned) offers amazing value for money, comes in a range of colours and is supported by thousands of positive reviews.

The Naspaluro office chair (commission earned) is a cost-effective option and comes in a gorgeous selection of fun colours! Perfect for adding a splash of vibrance to your office.

Step 3: Desks – More Than Just a Flat Surface

A desk is not just a piece of furniture; it’s your command centre. Find one that fits your space and has enough room for your gear. And yes, it’s perfectly okay to use it as a dining table for those late-night snack runs. However, if you intend to work from home long term, you’d be wise to invest in a good desk!

HOMIDEC Computer Desk (commission earned) is great value and highly recommended by over 2000 users and comes in a range of lengths to suit all spaces.

The best standing desks for working from home tried and tested – do they really relieve back pain?

Step 4: Tech Essentials – The Right Gear

Equip yourself with a reliable computer, and speedy internet connection, and don’t skimp on a good headset. Remember, in the virtual world, a frozen screen is scarier than a cliffhanger in a thriller novel. Consider whether you would prefer a Mac or a Windows computer. Do you need multiple screens? Do you need a printer?

Step 5: Let There Be Light!

Proper lighting is crucial. It sets the mood, keeps your energy up, and ensures you don’t end up looking like a mysterious figure in video calls. It’s also important to ensure lighting is suitable so you don’t strain your eyes. This can make you feel sleepy and less than productive!

A well lit office

Step 6: Organise, Organise, Organise

Shelves, drawer organisers, or even a few fancy jars can work wonders. There’s a simple joy in knowing exactly where your stapler is. Utilising storage space appropriately will create a sense of calm in your office and demonstrate professionalism when you take those all-important Zoom calls!

Step 7: Go Green with Plants

A little bit of greenery can boost your mood. Plus, plants never complain about your music choice or your coffee habit. Read more about the 5 Benefits of Office Plants for Your Health and Productivity.

Home office with plants

Step 8: Personalise Your Space

Photos, trinkets, or that one motivational poster that gets you going – make your space your own. It’s like dressing up your own little work bubble. Remember – your space needs to make you feel productive and focused for work!

Step 9: Sound Matters

Invest in noise-cancelling headphones or play some background music. Create an audio environment that helps you focus. Just don’t start a solo dance party too often!

Why not check out one of these top podcasts for productivity!

Step 10: Keep it Tidy

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. Regular clean-ups can be surprisingly therapeutic. Plus, you never know when you’ll need to make space for a new plant friend!

Spark Joy: The Magic of Tidying Up | Marie Kondo, Irene Au


Setting up your virtual office is an exciting part of your VA journey. It’s more than just creating a workspace; it’s about crafting a little world where you feel at ease, inspired, and ready to conquer the world (or at least your to-do list). So, channel your inner interior designer and create a space that not only looks good but feels like your very own productivity paradise. Happy office-setting!

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