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Having established a successful career in Administration, Management and Leadership, I founded Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant in 2019 to share my skills, knowledge and experience with others.
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Administrative services to streamline your daily operations, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities. From managing emails and meetings, to handling data entry and drafting documentation, to conducting research and report writing. Each task is executed with utmost efficiency and precision. Embrace the convenience of a well-organised workspace, made possible through professional administrative support.

Management services designed to elevate your team’s productivity and strategic alignment. From people and project management to travel, lifestyle, and event management. Each aspect is taken care of meticulously. This not only aids in enhancing operational efficiency but also in achieving broader business goals. Experience a smoother, more structured, and goal-oriented operational environment.

Marketing services crafted to boost your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. From creating compelling blog posts and managing your social media presence to designing impactful newsletters and web content. Every element is handled with care and precision. Our focus lies in crafting strategies that will elevate your online presence, engage your audience and ultimately drive growth for your business.

Career history

Boasting an extensive background in higher education administration and management, I have developed a diverse set of skills and experience that ensures operational excellence. 

As the Academic Registrar at the European School of Osteopathy, I spearheaded a team overseeing Academic Registry, Student Welfare, Admissions, and Library Services. I implemented new policies, procedures and ensured high quality assurance. Additionally, I maintained productive relationships with stakeholders and ensured open and effective communication channels. 

In my role as the Assistant Registrar at UCA Rochester, I led a team across multiple sites, enforcing policy compliance and ensuring top-tier operational standards. My technical expertise in SITS Student Record System allowed me to generate detailed analytics and reports. Moreover, I provided comprehensive training to staff which created a upskilling within the department overall. Additionally, I collaborated on event management and maintained rigorous reporting and compliance standards.

Throughout a challenging period of institutional change, I remained focused, preserving the student experience and representing the views of the Campus Registry. I managed administrative services, ensured team adaptability to new policies, and solved day-to-day issues, ensuring smooth operations in the face of major changes.

Overall, my experience underscores my commitment to operational excellence, effective leadership, and consistent policy enforcement in higher education administration.

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Core Strengths, Skills and Experience

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With an extensive career in higher education management, my core strengths lie in leadership, policy development, quality assurance, and stakeholder communication. 

Throughout my roles, I have consistently demonstrated my leadership skills, managing professional teams across diverse departments. I’ve recruited staff, implemented appraisal schemes, and facilitated efficient team communication. 

My knack for policy and process development has enabled me to introduce systems that enhance client experience and maintain robust  policies. This also extends to ensuring adherence to approved policies for quality assurance and managing change processes.

As part of my commitment to quality assurance, I have successfully maintained high standards, overseeing rigorous compliance procedures.

Stakeholder management is another key strength, with a proven track record in liaising with accrediting bodies, chairing committees, and maintaining open communication lines with stakeholders via multiple channels.

Moreover, my technical expertise has proved invaluable in managing CRMs, producing detailed reports, and advising and training staff on these systems.

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About Me | Alison Quinn | Virtual Assistant in Kent
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