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Partnering with me comes at a transparent and competitive rate of £40 per hour, which ensures you benefit from my extensive administrative, marketing, managerial, and leadership experience. 

This isn’t just a fee for tasks accomplished, but an investment towards an unrivalled professional service, dedicated assistance, and expert insights. Plus, with my service being fully insured and GDPR compliant, you can be confident about the safety of your data. As an approved member of the Society of Virtual Assistants, I adhere to the highest industry standards. So make the choice today to boost your business productivity, streamline operations, and stimulate significant growth.

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Economically Efficient: You only cover the cost of the agreed projects, hours, or recurring tasks each month, making it a financially sound choice. 

Broad-ranging Expertise: Having worked across various industries, I offer fresh insights and innovative ideas, encouraging you and your team to embrace creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Your Business Advocate: Your business success reflects on my service. Rest assured, I’ll approach your business needs with the same vigour, dedication, and professionalism I apply to my own.

Space Economical: With my own fully-equipped office, you save both physical space and monetary resources, negating the need for additional in-house accommodation.

Approved by the Society of Virtual Assistants: As an approved member of the SVA, I am fully compliant with their benchmarking, which includes being registered with the ICO for UK GDPR. You can trust in my commitment to deliver the highest standard of customer service and professional conduct. 


Flexible Service: Unbound by traditional office hours, I offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Transparent Pricing: Being a business-to-business agreement, you’re free from the hidden costs often associated with hiring staff. I handle my own insurance, and pay my own taxes, National Insurance, and pension!

Time Efficiency Tracking: I utilise time-tracking software, allowing you to monitor the time invested in each task, providing a clear understanding of how your investment is utilised.

Technologically Proficient: Having built my own website and kept pace with the latest industry tools, I’ve gained significant tech knowledge. I can confidently assist you with any tech-related needs, communicating effectively in tech terms.

Well-connected: Linked to a broad network of distinguished professionals, I have immediate access to resources that can provide effective solutions for your business challenges.


Alison Quinn | Virtual Assistant in Kent
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