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3 MAR 2021

UK VA Conference
UK VA Conference aims to encourage and support the significant resources and skill-set of Virtual Assistants- resources that can be of great value to the business world

12-13 MAY 2021

The PA Show

The PA Show includes the UK’s main  which has specific sessions for virtual assistants covering all sorts of topics, speakers, training and networking. Whilst there are regional events across the UK throughout the year, this is the largest collection of VAs all in one place, and usually the UK VA Awards are presented here (although this year, due to Covid, they will be presented online).
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1 month ago

It’s World Sleep Day! 😴 Apparently 1 in 3 people struggle with sleep! Are you one of these people? Or do you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow?

I have suffered from night ... See more

1 month ago
8 Ways To Manage Work And Pain – Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant in Kent

My latest blog post on managing work and pain is now live! Do you suffer with pain? I would love to hear your comments! How does it affect your life and work commitments?

8 Ways to Manage Work and Pain by Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant - to increase productivity and minimise downtime caused by pain.

2 months ago

Pancake success 👏🏻🥞👌🏻

2 months ago

So who’s going to be flipping pancakes today? And more importantly, what are you going to put on yours?! 🥞😍

I visited Morocco a couple of years ago and discovered how good pancakes are with ... See more

2 months ago

Interesting read!

2 months ago
4 simple exercises to strengthen your attention and reduce distractibility

Struggling to focus?! Try these exercises!

Our attention gets hijacked by everything from the stress in our lives to the ding of our phones. Neuroscientist Amishi Jha shows how we can cultivate the ability to focus on what really matters.

2 months ago
Here Are the 10 Most Overused Words in Your Writing

Day-to-day communication can get boring. There are only so many “Sounds good” and “Let me know” emails, texts, and Slack messages you can send and…

2 months ago
How to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Websites by Improving Performance

Food for thought!

Learn about the carbon footprint of websites and how to reduce your site's digital carbon footprint by improving its performance.

2 months ago
10 Steps to Event Planning With Key Speakers

Guest blogger, Sophie Castle, has put together 10 Steps to Event Planning with Key Speakers. This advice comes from her long career working in Public Libraries. Running an exciting, engaging and ... See more

10 Steps to Event Planning with Key Speakers - run an exciting, engaging and successful event. Create something truly memorable!

2 months ago

#BridgertonNetflix has us swooning with its regency romances and ballroom dramas. But one thing has us utterly enchanted: fashion, darling. From dukes to queens, lords and ladies, here are some color ... See more

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Latest News | Alison Quinn | Virtual Assistant in Kent