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Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant takes immense pleasure in aiding others to reach their objectives, providing an efficient platform for clients to delegate tasks. This empowers them to have more freedom to focus on their core competencies and excel at what they do best.

This service has supported clients in diverse sectors including Construction, Business Consultancy, Property Development, Higher Education, Coaching, Design and Web Development, Health & Fitness and Art Consultancy.

Assisting clients to accomplish tasks in a smart, effective manner, easing administrative and managerial burdens. 

Reclaim valuable time to nurture your business, achieve your aspirations, and importantly, find the work-life equilibrium we desire. Don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials below to find out what clients have to say about the service.  

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Client Testimonials
Alison has been helping me to put processes in place for my business. She's been great in helping me to be more focused and to have a proper plan of action. By ensuring I act on the things I need to do through accountability meetings, I have achieved so much more over the last 6 months than I have over the previous 5 years! Alison offers excellent advice and is a great sounding board. As well as business development advice, she's also done various admin for me which I'd been putting off for far too long. Alison is very organised, tech savvy and extremely nice to deal with. Highly recommended.
For the past year we have worked with Alison to support our everyday business activities. She has been a great asset, is super organised and quick to respond to tasks, such as booking meetings, responding to enquiries and helping us with our social media plan.

We are a niche company, with a variety of clients and artists and Alison always uses her initiative when working with them. We appreciate her knowledge and use of project management platforms that keep us on track with our projects. Plus she's always so cheerful and happy to take on a challenge. We would thoroughly recommend Alison Quinn as a virtual assistant for your business.
I couldn't recommend Alison enough. She's been writing my newsletters for 6 months now, and each month has consistently resulted in more subscribers and engagement than the last.

Alison is super organised and highly motivated meaning it didn't take her long to get to grips with what I need and start producing high quality content. She effectively communicates what she needs from me and sets deadlines, keeping me accountable too. I couldn't sing her praises enough. If you've ever toyed with the idea of having a VA, give her a call. You'll be wondering how you ever managed without her.
Alison is an absolute rockstar. I worked with her over 4 months, utilising her data skills. She is very proficient, amazing at keeping items on track, fantastic at keeping you updated and such a delight to spend time with. I really enjoyed our zoom calls and look forward to meeting 'in person' one day soon.
Alison has worked with The PA Portal as an Associate for over a year now. In that time she has proven herself time and time again. She is trustworthy, conscientious and throws herself into the tasks allocated.

She has supported me with client work and also with my own business tasks. Her technical knowledge is outstanding and she is a natural problem solver. It's such a relief to know that I have Alison on-board, supporting from the wings. Thank you Alison!
Alison has been a pleasure to work with and one of those people in life that always has a cheery smile – even though most of the time we worked remotely by phone or email. Never once would I have known if she’d had a bad day herself, such is the joy of her demeanour. Nothing was ever too much trouble for Alison to take on and she seemed to thrive on the extensive variety of the work I gave her. Never afraid to turn her hand to any task, she also willing took on the training and learning of new systems, whether internal or external without hesitation and gave comprehensive handovers to her co-VA at the end of each week’s ‘shift’. I truly wish Alison the very best for the future and would recommend her to anyone seeking the ever more rare qualities of polite manners, positive energy, hard-work and diligence.
Alison took on a task I hate and I was very pleased to easily out source. I gave her a written brief to request some specific quotes for services. Alison used her own initiative and brilliance to collect market information, including from abroad, to give me exactly what I needed with no further input from me. I could then focus on other activities in my business I am more specialised in as food safety expert.

Alison is impressively efficient, polite and professional and I would recommend her highly for a multitude of tasks. She has entrepreneurial qualities herself and a positive attitude to finding solutions promptly.
Alison joined the ESO at a time of great change and her wealth of education/management experience meant that she was able to introduce new systems to help the team cope with an ever increasing workload.

I personally welcomed her as a line manager who always consulted and communicated well with her team. Always smiling and seemingly unfazed by potentially stressful busy periods, her positive attitude made for a calmer working environment. I would highly recommend Alison; she brings fun, compassion and professionalism into challenging situations.
Alison has good strategic appreciation and vision; coupled with a real flare for compliance. She was a well-respected manager and colleague at UCA who maintained professionalism and integrity at all times.

Alison genuinely cares about people and has an aptitude for coaching and mentoring. She brought out the best in her team by developing their skills and showed great leadership and service delivery to students and colleagues
The benefits of working with me Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant

Economically Efficient: You only cover the cost of the agreed projects, hours, or recurring tasks each month, making it a financially sound choice. 

Broad-ranging Expertise: Having worked across various industries, I offer fresh insights and innovative ideas, encouraging you and your team to embrace creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

Your Business Advocate: Your business success reflects on my service. Rest assured, I’ll approach your business needs with the same vigour, dedication, and professionalism I apply to my own.

Space Economical: With my own fully-equipped office, you save both physical space and monetary resources, negating the need for additional in-house accommodation.

Approved by the Society of Virtual Assistants: As an approved member of the SVA, I am fully compliant with their benchmarking, which includes being registered with the ICO for UK GDPR. You can trust in my commitment to deliver the highest standard of customer service and professional conduct. 


Flexible Service: Unbound by traditional office hours, I offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Transparent Pricing: Being a business-to-business agreement, you’re free from the hidden costs often associated with hiring staff. I handle my own insurance, and pay my own taxes, National Insurance, and pension!

Time Efficiency Tracking: I utilise time-tracking software, allowing you to monitor the time invested in each task, providing a clear understanding of how your investment is utilised.

Technologically Proficient: Having built my own website and kept pace with the latest industry tools, I’ve gained significant tech knowledge. I can confidently assist you with any tech-related needs, communicating effectively in tech terms.

Well-connected: Linked to a broad network of distinguished professionals, I have immediate access to resources that can provide effective solutions for your business challenges.


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