From email and diary management, to report writing and research, Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant can take the burden out of your administrative needs.


With experience in people management, project management, event management & system management, you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.


Web management, content building, social media management, blogging, mailouts, newsletters & events. Find out how I can help enhance your marketing strategy.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, time pressured and finding yourself drowning in paperwork, it might be time to hire me as your
Virtual Assistant!

Do you need a competent and experienced, safe pair of hands? Are you fed up of the tasks that have been weighing you down, holding you back and limiting your productivity? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place! Alison Quinn | Virtual Assistant in Kent. I am a UK Virtual Assistant based in Kent. I hold over 15 years of Administrative, Managerial and Leadership experience. Read about my experience and take a look at my VA Services to see how I can help with a wide range of tasks. 

Whether you need a sounding board, a fresh pair of eyes or someone to represent your company, Alison Quinn Virtual Assistant, can certainly help! By reviewing and realigning your workload and fully utilising my services, you will find that you have more time to spend doing the things you are great at, and more importantly, the things you love!

Above all, I support business leaders to promote growth and productivity. I do this by bringing knowledge, experience and specialised skills to the table.  Working remotely, tasks are undertaken using initiative, professionalism and confidentiality.

So, get in touch and book a free of charge discovery meeting. We will discuss your current setup and support requirements. With this information, we can then take a look at how my services can help you achieve your business goals and discuss my Virtual Assistant Rates to see which package fits your needs best.

The Benefits of Working With Me
UK Virtual Assistant

Cost Effective


You will only pay for the project(s), number of agreed hours, or agreed recurring tasks each month.


Extensive Experience


I have worked with many different industries; therefore my experience brings fresh insight, new ideas and I will help you and your team to start thinking outside the box.


Personal Cheerleader


The success of your business will have a direct impact on my business. So you can guarantee that I will treat your business with the same energy, interest and professionalism as I would my own.


Space Saving


I have my own office and equipment so you can save on space and money by not having to accommodate another person.


Society of Virtual Assistants Approved


As an approved member of the SVA, you can be confident that you’ll receive the best standard of customer service and professionalism.


Flexible Working


I’m not constrained by the typical 9-5 office hours. I can offer flexible solutions to fit your needs!


No Hidden Costs


As a business to business arrangement, you don’t need to worry about the on costs you get with employed staff.  I take care of my own Tax, National Insurance and Pension!


Time Tracking


I use time tracking software, so you can see the time impact of each task. A great way for you to understand exactly what your money is being spent on.


Tech Savvy


I built my own website and keep on top of the latest industry tools. I have a good understanding when it comes to tech speak. As an effective communicator I can step up to help you with your tech needs.


Well Connected


I am connected to a wide network of impressive professionals. I have the resources at my fingertips to provide effective solutions for your business conundrums.


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Alison Quinn | Virtual Assistant in Kent
UK Virtual Assistant